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Puppy & Kitten Care 

Get Your Puppy or Kitten Off to a Great Start!

What is more exciting than to adding a new puppy or kitten to your household? Pets make wonderful additions to our homes and families. Hope Veterinary Care encourages you to enjoy this special time bonding with your new friend. You can count on us to help you get that puppy or kitten off to a great start.

Whether your pet has come to you from a rescue, an animal shelter, a pet shop, or a reputable breeder, we recommend you bring your new pet in for his or her first wellness exam within seven days. It is not uncommon for young animals to have fleas, worms, or parasites. We want to eliminate those right away for the health of your pet and family. We will provide a thorough wellness check to ensure your pet is healthy.

First Exams

Please bring any veterinary records you may have and a fresh stool sample (within 24 hours) to check for intestinal parasites. A typical puppy or kitten exam includes:

  • Weight check Listening to the heart and lungs
  • Checking the ears for infection or mites
  • Examining the eyes, nose, skin and other areas for signs of problems
  • Discussion of housetraining, pet safety tips and household dangers, safe toys, feeding recommendations, and obedience class recommendations

At the first exam, we will also discuss vaccinations. Early vaccinations build your young pet’s immunity and provide protection from a number of serious diseases. Vaccines are given in series every two or three weeks for the first few months. Once the initial vaccinations are complete, vaccinations are administered annually thereafter. Besides the core (essential) vaccines, you and the doctor will decide which optional vaccines are needed for your pet based on the likelihood of exposure to various diseases.

Your pet’s spay or neuter surgery will also be scheduled during one of these early visits. We recommend spay or neuter at six months of age. We also recommend that you microchip your pet during the surgery or at any office visit. ?

We know that your new pet’s first exam is important and sets up a relationship for a lifetime. We strive to make your pet’s first exam fun and stress free. You can play a role in this by being upbeat and positive. Particularly with puppies, your goal is to raise a secure, confident pet! ?

Consider Us a Resource!

During the early vet visits, we are able to provide you with a variety of tips on raising puppies and kittens. We’ll send puppy and kitten owners with a Best Start Kit. Check out our pet resources page for more information.

Contact us at (401) 823-7211 to set up an appointment for your new puppy or kitten. We can’t wait to meet you and your new family member!

Puppy Care