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Arthritis Pain Relief

One in 5 dogs experience osteoarthritis.

One common source of pet pain is arthritis or other joint problems. Osteoarthritis affects one out of every five dogs, and the problem is not limited to older dogs. Joint trauma or conditions like hip dysplasia, ruptured cruciate ligaments, or patella luxation can cause degenerative arthritis even in younger animals.

Unfortunately, degenerative joint disease is incurable, but treatment can slow progression and substantially improve a pet’s life. If your pet is experiencing joint or arthritis pain, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan involving multiple modalities. Treatment may include weight control, medication (NSAIDS, analgesics, corticosteroids, other pain relievers), laser therapy, or veterinary acupuncture. Chondroprotective agents will also be given to repair joint cartilage and prevent further damage.

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Pet Arthritis