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End of Life Pet Care

A difficult decision.

Hope Veterinary Care is there for pets at all stages of life. The doctors and staff are committed to supporting both you and your pet throughout your pet’s lifetime. For pets nearing the end of life, we provide respectful and compassionate care for each dog and cat we serve.

We address quality of life and help your pet to live each day to its fullest. Your pet will be made as comfortable as possible through pain management. Many older, sick pets can gain more quality time with today’s advances in veterinary medicine. Many owners are making the choice to manage pain and disease, so they can have more time with their treasured companion.

We will assist in you in making decisions about the best possible way to care for your pet at end of life, including euthanasia. Facing the decision to put your pet to sleep is a difficult one. Hope Vet Care does its best to share that burden and support you during this final act of loving stewardship. We will explain the options available to you, guiding you through the choices required. You will be given the information and time you need to navigate this challenging time.

Many pet owners request our help regarding aftercare. It is important to the grieving process that you make decisions you are comfortable with, and we can help with that process. For private burial or cremation services, we work with Final Gift in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Please reach out to us at (401) 823-7211 if there’s anything we can do for you.

Pet Euthanasia